Working Alone? It's Never Lonely When There Are Cats!

I’ve always had cats, always loved them. But working from home for the past twelve years means I’ve become a lot more familiar with the rhythm of their lives, the way their minds work, the things they like and dislike. 
Because cute photos of cats are so ridiculously popular, and as a mark of love and respect to feline friends past and present, here are some of my favourite cat photos. Respect to Molly, Alice, Chunky, Rosie and Betty, all long gone. And to Dave and Steve, both very much alive and kicking.

Alice cat on the lawn.
Lovely little Alice, much missed, enjoying the lush grass. She died aged 23.

Sleeping cat on his back
Steve the cat, feeling exhausted after a big night out in the garden.

Chunky the cat
Lovely old Chunky, smiling at me on the mosaic patio I made at our first Brighton house.

Dave the kitten
Our cat Dave as a kitten, with his favourite hessian mouse. He stores all his toys in a special corner, and tidies them up after playing with them.

Dave the cat fast asleep on the settee
Dave the kitten fast asleep while I work.

Steve sharpens his claws outdoors
Steve, all excited, about to leap up a tree.

Our cat Molly on the lawn
Molly as a young cat, loving her big new garden in Brighton.

Our cat Molly stretched out on the bed
25 year old Molly lying, smiling, on the bed, just before a trip to the vet to have her claws trimmed.

Steve the cat wants to go out... but it's raining.
Steve is bored… he’d love to go outdoors but it’s peeing down.

Molly cat in the sunshine
Molly cat enjoying a patch of sunshine.

Betty the Garden Cat
Betty the garden cat, a charming stray we fed for a couple of years before she died.

Kittens watching TV
My friend Lavinia’s kittens, who loved watching telly. They particularly liked Garfield.


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