WordPress plug-ins foxed by corporate network restrictions

Did you know WordPress Facebook and Twitter plug-ins corrupt when companies block Facebook and Twitter access?

I spent ages last week faffing about finding a decent WordPress plugin for Facebook ‘like’ and Twitter ‘follow’ buttons. Only to find, thanks to a reader, that they don’t display properly when viewed from a computer without Twitter or Facebook access.


Why does it matter?

Because most of the folk who search for my freelance copywriting services do it from work. Some of them work for companies whose networks block staff access to Twitter and Facebook. And when they do, the corrupted buttons look dreadful.

Most companies trust their people not to spend all day dicking about with social media. But weighing everything up, I decided I prefer my blog to display properly to as many people as possible. So I’ve unplugged the plug-ins.

In the absence of a better idea, I’m looking for Facebook and Twitter plugins that sit on the home page rather than at the foot of every post. Which seems to make sense. It minimises the potential damage and I can still be ‘liked’ and ‘followed’.