Winning visibility part 1 – Offline marketing

What happens if your site is invisible to searchers because you haven’t got your on-site SEO act together yet?

How can you send visitors to your site when they can’t find you in the search results?

Your first port of call, if you want instant traffic, is Pay per Click. It’ll drive a steady stream of hot prospects to your site while you beaver away at DIY natural SEO in the background.

But there’s plenty you can do offline too. Here’s a few tips about how to drive online B2B visitors with simple offline marketing campaigns. They’re especially useful if you’re a local business: national-scale lead generation soon gets pricey when your budget is tiny.

The power of offline marketing

  • email articles and press releases to local newspapers, free papers and magazines – one a week is good, although there’s no point trying to make boring non-news newsworthy
  • email articles, white papers and press releases to trade magazines – again, one a week is good provided you’ve got interesting, relevant things to say
  • do a local leaflet drop to carefully-targeted businesses
  • leave piles of leaflets or lead generation postcards in the places your target audience hang out
  • email local radio stations and TV stations to see if you can snag an interview or feature
  • consider testing local radio advertising. You can target ad timing to your audience and it’s surprisingly cheap
  • get friends, relatives and ex-colleagues to mention your business to their friends and contacts, giving them a supply of business cards
  • if you can bear it, get networking face-to-face. Brighton alone has tens of networking groups to suit every temperament except the pathologically, impossibly shy