Which search engines should I concentrate on for SEO?

Find out where to focus your SEO resources

It’s easy to forget that there’s more to life than Google. But is it worth spending time and money targeting SEO at the other search engines, like Yahoo and Ask? I’ve just uploaded an RSS feed from Hitwise which gives the latest stats for search engine usage in the UK. As I’m writing this, October 2008 stats are the latest available:

  • Google (UK and dot com) – 89.44%
  • UK Yahoo – 2.86%
  • UK Ask – 2.16%
  • The rest – 5.54%

No contest. With just under 90% of all UK searches conducted on Google, that’s where your SEO resources should probably be spent.

But that’s now. What about next month? It can be dangerous putting all your SEO eggs in one basket. In the unlikely event that Google suddenly disappears down some kind of cosmic e-toilet, the wise marketer keeps tabs on the latest stats.