When did you last refresh your 'about' page?

An about us page isn’t a must. Many businesses do without one. But it’s a good way to tell people about your business if you haven’t already done so satisfactorily elsewhere on your site.

Like every website page, it makes sense to update your about page regularly to keep search engine bots and visitors interested. If it’s been a while since you tinkered with yours, here’s a few ideas for making your about page work harder for you.

Top tips for updating your about page

  • include a list of customers and add new ones as you win them so your business looks like it’s alive and kicking. But ask permission first – their agreement with you might be commercially sensitive or confidential
  • add a ‘quote of the week’ status-type line at the top of your page and say something revealing, fascinating or compelling to your readers each week. Or do the same kind of thing with a fresh customer testimonial each week. Remember to include your key words
  • keep your formatting simple and clear
  • make it genuinely interesting
  • make sure you’re not just repeating stuff you’ve said on your home page for the sake of having an about page
  • cut the waffle
  • stick to a soft sell
  • include a strong call to action
  • be honest – does your about us page benefit readers or is it actually an ego trip?