What's your % sales conversion rate?

It’s good to know how many prospects turn into buyers

Do you have a good handle on your % conversion rates? And do you have any idea why non-converters aren’t taking the bait?

If you don’t know, you can always ask. If you make it part of your autoresponder campaign to find out why people aren’t buying, you can take action.

It’s best to use a tick box list than ask open questions. People’s time is precious. But it’s good to give space for freeform input just in case they want to give detailed feedback.

53% conversion on copywriting quotes

My current freelance copywriting conversion rate is 53% and it has always hovered around 50%. Why do 47% of people decide not to take me up on my quotes? The biggest reason is they want a super-cheap copywriting deal. I don’t mind losing this kind of business because I don’t do cheap. I do premium quality work at a fair price.

At 53% my conversion rate is pretty good. It delivers more than enough work to keep me busy and happy. I don’t want to expand my business – I love working alone as a sole trader. My executive decision? Things are peachy. So let sleeping prospects lie!