What's My Copywriting Speciality? Actually, I don't have one…

The internet contains, apparently, all of humankind’s wisdom as well as being rich in utter crap. It’s all there for the taking. People like me just need to search for it. As you can imagine the web has changed the copywriting process beyond all imagination.
As a freelance writer I cover an enormous range of subjects from numerous perspectives, for clients at home and abroad. When I first went freelance in 2006 new clients often asked me what subject I specialised in. But I haven’t had an enquiry like that for years. Today my clients assume I can find the information I need online, whatever the subject or level of complexity, and that’s a perfectly reasonable assumption to make.
Just in case you’re curious about the sectors I’ve written for, here’s a list.

Copywriting specialities – The industries I write for

  • Web design, web development, SEO and digital marketing, Big Data, chatbot tech, digital tech
  • Science of all kinds
  • Gambling
  • Arts and crafts
  • History
  • Financial services including insurers, intermediaries and IFAs
  • Holidays and holiday destinations
  • Cars
  • Cyber security
  • Private detective work
  • Medical, healthcare and cosmetic surgery
  • Alternative and complementary healthcare (as long as it’s scientifically legitimate)
  • West End theatre
  • Business support
  • Executive coaching
  • Nature photography and wedding photography
  • Industrial pollution and water pollution
  • Metals and metals supply
  • Fashion
  • Artisan foods
  • Party supplies
  • Yacht share
  • RICS surveyors
  • Gas fitters and electricians
  • Football training for kids
  • Gardening, garden products and associated subjects
  • Event management
  • Hotels and attractions
  • Interiors
  • Gifts
  • Pet products and veterinary services
  • Writers, authors, and the writing and publishing process
  • Parisian personal shopper services
  • Cosmetics, fragrances and beauty products
  • Accountancy and bookkeeping
  • Climate change and climate science
  • Conservation

Subjects I won’t write about

Are any subjects or industries a no-no for me? I’d rather not write anything positive about fossil fuels, although if you’d like me to reveal their nasty side I’ll be delighted. I don’t write for tobacco firms. I tend to steer clear of the legal profession simply because so many of the individuals within it are so difficult to work with, it’s an ego-strewn nightmare. The only political parties I’ll write for are those with a socialist focus. And following the worldwide recession, and the fact that they’re still doing the same old thing despite the chaos they caused, I no longer write for banks.

My copywriting speciality – I focus on the truth

As far as focus goes, I guess I’m dedicated to the truth. If an alternative medicine client wants me to talk about a scientifically unproven product or service, I make sure they talk about it in a way that won’t see them being sued for spinning porkies, massaging the truth or making false claims. If there’s evidence to be had, I’ll hook it out and talk about it. If there’s no evidence, I won’t hide the fact. In a post-truth world, my clients deserve the best… and their end customers deserve a 100% no-bullshit experience.

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