What is the perfect copywriting brief?

As a freelance writer I occasionally get a rock solid, detailed client brief. But most of the time I get a one-liner, a short bullet point list, a sentence or a couple of paragraphs.  

So what is the perfect copywriting brief?

Some writers ask for a host of details, from target market to tone of voice and everything in between.

Some ask their clients to fill in and sign off a whopping great briefing form for even the smallest, simplest project.

Others demand their clients explain every niggly detail over the phone.

Me? I’m happy with the briefest of briefs. All I ask is that you put it in writing, in an email, so I’ve got something concrete to refer to.

If I need to know anything extra I will ask you for it. Otherwise you can trust me to have the professionalism, experience, expertise, oomph and nouse to ‘get’ what you want straight away. And run with it without a fuss.

I like to keep life simple. If that sounds good to you, we’ll make a great cultural match.