What is the best keyword density?

What is keyword density?

It’s the number of times you use your key term in a sentence, paragraph or web page, expressed as a percentage.

What is the ideal keyword density?

Search the web and you’ll find masses of conflicting advice, everything from 2% to 6%.

Search engines love ‘quality’. A high keyword density makes your content sound crap, for want of a better word! Your visitors deserve better, and everyone knows great content means more sales.

When keyword density is too low, search engines find it a challenge to identify what a page is about. Which means you’re effectively invisible.

So forget percentages. They’re too misleading. Use a sensible keyword density that pleases everyone, using key terms sparingly so your site doesn’t sound silly to humans but often enough for search engines to get the picture.

How do you figure out the right balance? Unless you’re a copywriter with plenty of on-site SEO experience, don’t. Get a proper copywriter on the case.