What is resident emotion?

There’s at least a zillion things to address when writing sales-led copy. Resident emotion is just one of them. So what’s it all about?

What is resident emotion?

Your resident emotion is the one you’re most likely to feel about a product or service. Resident emotion sits at the heart of a strong sales message. A good copywriter will hang benefits on it in much the same way you’d hang decorations on a Christmas tree, helping to put prospects’ needs first.

Humans don’t buy houses and holidays – We buy homes and dreams

Let’s face it, most of us don’t buy Caribbean holidays. We buy dreams; fantasy lives where money is no object and the weather is always beautiful, far from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Tapping into the resident emotion helps pull buyers in.

We don’t buy houses either. In the olden days buying a house meant making a seriously good investment. Today’s home buyers probably dream of softer things like long term security and comfort. And we don’t buy money making scams. We buy better lifestyles where we don’t work as hard but make a lot more money.

Resident emotions can be negative. Most of us mistrust bankers these days. So clever financial copywriters and creatives are addressing the issue by rebuilding trust. ING Direct is an excellent example. Their latest integrated campaign focuses hard on trust. Their new strapline is A decent way to do banking. Their website is full of statements like The more trust you earn, the more people trust you. And it’s working so well that someone new joins ING every 20 seconds.

How to identify the resident emotion behind a product or service?

Resident emotions tend to apply to the majority of people, you included. So follow your nose.