What is link bait?

You’ve probably heard the term link bait bandied around. So what’s it all about?

About link bait

Link bait is anything that naturally attracts links. If someone finds something particularly cool, desirable, free, gorgeous, clever, exciting, useful or funny on your site they stand a good chance of linking back to it without having to be asked, persuaded or paid to.

If you’re lucky they’ll also share it with their contacts and you’ll eventually get a flurry of valuable back-links.Good quality links like this are sought after beasts. And search engines love them. There’s no hard and fast rules to creating powerful link bait. It’s all a bit hit and miss. Mostly miss.

Just occasionally something will catch the public imagination and go ballistic. Sometimes it’s obvious why, sometimes it isn’t. But creativity and uniqueness are key, as is quirkiness. So let your imagination run wild.

Here’s a short list of the type of online content that can – if you’re lucky – tune into the zeitgeist and make a killing.

  • contentious or provocative blog posts
  • strange, weird and wonderful stories
  • stunning royalty free clip art, images and photos
  • breaking news, or a novel take on breaking news
  • top quality ‘how to’ materials
  • desirable free resources
  • things that make a broad spectrum of people laugh out loud