What is Dimensional Marketing?

visual representation of string theoryThere’s a lot of talk about dimensional marketing. Is it a brand new thing or just an existing concept re-packaged and given a new name for the digital arena?

Investigating dimensional marketing

It’s my job to explore new marketing-led ‘discoveries’ and figure out whether they have any bearing on what I do for my copywriting clients. So I found this on the rocketfuel website and decided to use it as the basis of my investigations:

“Marketers understand that their brands are defined by all customer interactions, online and offline, paid and owned. However, organizations with siloed data find it extremely difficult to manage those interactions as consumers move between channels. This year, Data Management Platforms (DMPs) will bring increasingly more offline and owned-channel data together with online media data for a singular view of the customer. Dimensional marketing hubs will centralize data, decisioning, and delivery to deliver value at every step of the consumer journey.
Innovative marketers will make “touch-point management” the centerpiece of their strategies by uniting their mobile, direct mail, call center, email, and online channels to get an up-to-the-moment view of their customers. What segment the consumer is in and where they are in the purchase funnel will determine the message they receive—not just the channel.
In our fragmented media universe, consumers determine when and how they interact with advertisers—creating a ton of data in the process. They decide which sites they visit, which emails they open, the keywords they search, and which devices they use to go online. How marketers harness this data is the key to tailoring relevant and memorable conversations that are valuable to consumers and effective for brands.
The goal is to create a virtuous cycle where paid media can inform owned media, and every interaction can predict and inform the next.”

What does that mean?

Eh? Three reads and it’s no clearer. Sorry rocketfuel, but the language is pretty gnarly. I’ve had a go at translating it into plain English but, having said that, I’m not 100% sure I’ve got it right. This is what I think they mean by Dimensional Marketing.

What is dimensional marketing?

A brand is nothing without punters. And every single customer contact, however simple, matters. When you store customer data by channel, separately, it’s hard to use it to build an accurate, rounded picture of the way people behave now. It’s also difficult to predict how they might behave in the future. And both are vital to long-term marketing success.
It makes a lot more sense to keep all your customer data in one place instead of in different silos. Then you can benefit from the insights revealed by personalised and integrated marketing. When marketers use data to target messages tightly to customers and also pick the right marketing media for their target audience, it helps them talk to people at different stages along the sales journey in exactly the right way.
Today’s consumers are pretty savvy. Once marketers take note of this and act accordingly, their campaigns will perform better. Data-driven, personalised, integrated marketing is the way ahead.

Did I get it right?

Assuming I’ve translated correctly, Dimensional Marketing is more of a buzz phrase than something new. The best direct marketers have always integrated their work across multiple channels, combined disparate chunks of data to drive better marketing insight and personalised everything that can be personalised.
Am I right, or have I missed a trick? If I’ve got dimensional marketing wrong and you know better, leave a comment.

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