What is Google Page Rank?

Have I got a page rank? And what does it do?

A Google Page Rank is a number between 1 and 10. It reflects how important each page in your website is according to Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

  • A page rank of n/a is self explanatory… a lot of new sites have a page rank of n/a
  • 1-2 is low
  • 3-4 is average
  • 5-6 is good
  • 7-8 is excellent
  • and page ranks of 9 and 10 can be worth their weight in gold!

Google has decided that a link between one page and another is a thumbs up in terms of relevance, and Google likes relevant websites. To calculate a page’s rank, Google examines inbound and internal links to determine relative importance (ie. relative to the entire internet)

At the same time, Google evaluates the importance of the page that is giving the thumbs up by linking to yours. An inbound link from a page with a rank of 5 is better than one from a low ranking page.

Gogle particularly likes sites with plenty of inbound links from web pages with high page ranks.

S, Page Rank matters because it is just one of many factors that decide your website’s position. Good quality inbound links improve your website’s visibility. They help determine how easy it is to find; will your site pop up on page 1 or page 100 of Google when someone searches for products and services like yours?

Mre high page rank links mean more relevance and more importance. But because Google reviews its algorithms every now and again, a high page rank can be a temporary thing. It can go up as well as down.

What’s yours? Surf and see. There are plenty of free page rank checkers online.

Update for 2015 – Pagerank is nowhere near as important to Google as it used to be.