Hourly freelance copywriting rates

Testing, testing…

I’ve never put a freelance copywriting price list on my website, simply because every job is different. But I wonder what’ll happen to response levels if I reveal my hourly rate up front, on the home page?

You never know, making my hourly charges clear might encourage an unusually strong flurry of responses… or quite the opposite. If it turns out to be a disaster, suppressing response to well below my usual levels, I’ll remove it. And if response recovers as a result, I’ll know for sure it wasn’t exactly a brilliant idea.

I’ll be keeping an eye on sales conversion at the same time. While including my hourly freelance copywriting rate up front on site might depress response, it might actually increase conversion. On the other hand my conversion percentage might stay the same. Or fall along with response. But I won’t know ’til I give it a go.

The best thing about a website is you can change it in seconds. So marketing isn’t half as scary as it used to be, when testing often involved horribly expensive stuff like mountains of print, TV ads and outdoor campaigns.