What are deep links?

What does ‘deep links’ mean?

Deep links are links to pages within a site, rather than to the home page. What do they do? Deep links help people find exactly what they want by giving them direct access deep into your website.

Why’s that a good thing? Because it saves time and hassle. Rather than dumping someone on your home page and expecting them to find their own way, a deep link delivers people exactly where they want to be in one click. Here’s an example.

You sell boats of all kinds. I’m searching for a rubber dinghy supplier. I see two links in a business directory. One says, ‘Boats of all shapes and sizes!’ The other says ‘Buy rubber dinghies here!’

I’m in the market for a dinghy so I’d probably follow the dinghy-specific link first. Instead of following the link to allboats4u.com I’d follow the deeper link to allboats4u.com/dinghies/rubber dinghies.

When are deep links useful?

Deep links are really useful when you’re offering multiple products or services. They let you market one element of your business at a time, targeting specific customer needs.