Website copywriting Case Study: target your copy effectively

pelvicHere’s a classic example of copywriting with a distinct target audience in mind.

The Brief: re-write a Pelvic Toner website to encourage more visitors and sales.

As a rule pelvic toners are bought by women who suffer from pelvic floor weakness. But the copy for the original pelvic toner website had obviously been written by a bloke. The product helps women exercise their pelvic floor muscles back to fitness. A side effect is that it enhances your sex life.

It’s vital to write for your target audience

The copywriter had majored on the sex angle and used a lot of serious medical-sounding content. A factual approach that, while it works very well for most men, seems pretty creepy to women. After all, when you’re peeing yourself every five seconds the last thing you’re thinking about is sex.

I recommended rewriting the copy with a female focus:

Bringing forward the benefits that most women would focus on: stress incontinence, ageing and post-childbirth weakness.

Putting forward the sales message using a lifestyle angle: feel good, get close to your partner again, release the real you…

Since launch the site owner has seen a significant increase in average orders per day. The moral of the tale? If your target audience is male, write for men. If it’s female, write for women. If it’s both, write for both. If it’s kids, write for kids. Think about who your target audience is. Establish what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. Then give them what they want.