Website content: it's OK to get personal and emotional

Plain language and clarity are essential. But clear content needn’t be dull and unemotional. You’re a human, you’re communicating with other humans and it’s cool to show verve.

People respond well to enthusiasm whether you’re selling B2B or business to consumer. It’s catching. It’s personal. It fosters trust. And it gives your sales message a refreshing boost. Here are some tips about letting your enthusiasm shine through without taking things too far.

How to do ‘enthusiastic’ online

  • keep exclamation marks to a minimum. It’s great to sound excited and inspired but you can come across hysterical when you over cook the !!!s
  • choose three key benefits or features to ‘big up’ rather than sounding excited about everything. It’ll have more impact that way
  • use quotations to help you make an emotional connection with readers. For example place a quote on each page of your holiday site waxing lyrical about the sheer beauty of the destination
  • use emboldening and italics so your audience experiences your copy with exactly the emphases you intended
  • DIY testimonials – write a short 100 word segment of copy for each page or section in first person, describing in your own words why you feel your products and services are so good
  • enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily mean a hard sell. Damp down overtly salesy messaging and focus on being transparent, genuine and straightforward instead