Walk This Way for a Super-Simple, Enjoyable Business Relationship

Wandering around on LinkedIn, I just landed on a post telling freelance writers how to create ‘their first client project plan’.
Their what?
While some freelance copywriters go to incredible lengths to tie themselves and their clients up in processes, procedures and forms, my way of working is pretty straightforward. Because I’ve been in the marketing sector for so long, I really don’t need to bury you in paperwork. Here’s how I keep things lovely and clear for my clients.

  1. You don’t need a Non Disclosure Agreement. I work at home, and my friends and family aren’t the least bit interested in the ins and outs of my career. They know I write for a living, and that’s it. I don’t do face-to-face business networking either. With nobody to reveal your deepest commercial secrets to, I am the ultimate in discretion! I’ll sign an NDA, no worries, but it isn’t necessary from my perspective.
  2. You don’t pay a deposit or advance. You only pay me when the project is fully complete and you’re 100% happy.
  3. We don’t need a Contract. If you say you want to work with me, that’s good enough. I don’t need a contract or written agreement.
  4. We don’t need a project plan. All you have to do is tell me what you want and why you want it. 30 years in marketing means I can figure out the fine details without the support of a hefty document. If I have any questions, I’ll ask. I’ll drive if you like, while you sit back and enjoy the journey.
  5. You don’t fill in any forms. When everything is in writing via email there’s no need for form-filling.
  6. I don’t need a formal copywriting brief. Feel free to create one. But if you don’t feel like writing a brief or don’t know how, it really doesn’t matter. I know the right questions to ask.
  7. Do you need a free copywriting sample? A lot of copywriters get all crabby and defensive when asked for a free sample. I think it’s a reasonable request. It helps people like you make better buying decisions. If you want a free sample, I’ll write one for you. No problem at all. And no strings attached.

If you like grown up business relationships and like your working life simple, we’ll probably be a great match! Walk this way for an easy, enjoyable, informal business relationship. And ask for a free copywriting sample if you want, I’ll be delighted to oblige.

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