Video support for using the GoDaddy website

I’ve mentioned before how complicated the GoDaddy hosting and domains website is.

I find it almost impossible to find my way around it. And I’m no novice. I’ve been working online for at least thirteen years. Thankfully help is at hand.

Video instructions versus simplicity

They’ve released a video to show people how to navigate the site. Sadly, having just gone back to Go-Daddy to have a look so I can write about it, I can’t find the darned thing. The irony.

I would have thought it’s much better to redesign your interface rather than resorting to video to help people find their way around.

I can’t fault their service per se. It’s rock solid. But I’m still pretty naffed off that I renewed one of my domains on Go-Daddy simply because I couldn’t work out how not to, and didn’t have the time, energy or inclination to figure it out.

Here’s how I’d improve the Go-Daddy site

  • Remove all the up selling and cross selling stuff, putting it in one unobtrusive place instead of constantly muddying the water
  • Make the visitor experience cleaner by simplifying the navigation dramatically
  • Reduce the number of logins and passwords to just one per account

Fingers crossed next time I need to renew the domain or do stuff with my hosting, in a couple of years’ time, they’ll have sorted it out. As it is I hate going there, it’s such a confusing mess.
Sorry Go-Daddy, but you need a direct marketer on the case.