Variety – The spice of blogging life

You don’t have to write War and Peace for every blog post. Variety is best. Sprinkle your blog with different shaped, sized and flavoured posts to keep your readers interested and excited.

Blog post ideas, long and short

  • short snippets are a great way to express powerful ideas in a punchy way. Cut down your argument to its bare minimum, add personality and verve and keep it to 150-200 words
  • recommendations for places to go and things to see. Even a few lines with a link is enough to keep your blog fresh
  • standard-sized 350-400 word posts covering ideas, tips, hints, new product launches etcetera
  • thought pieces of 500-700 words or more, taking an in-depth look
  • informatics – a good diagram speaks a thousand words. Cover it off with a couple of insightful paragraphs… et voila!
  • images – if your new product looks so good it’ll help sales to let people examine it in all its glory, create a post based around an photo or suite of thumbnails with links to full size images. Images on their own work fine for people but they lack that extra oomph words provide. And without words, search engines don’t know what you’re on about. So don’t be tempted to just bung an image in and leave it at that
  • short reviews of products /services and related interesting, useful, relevant stuff

Varying your posts also makes regular blogging less of a chore. Rather than struggling over several chunky word posts a week, spread them to suit your workload. When you’re less busy, write a long one. When you’re buried under piles of work do a shortie. And when you’re in the mood, with the time to spare, write a bundle in one go and drip-publish them daily, every two or three days or  whatever.