Use niche business directories for tightly targeted marketing

Take advantage of niche business directories’ soaring popularity

It’s always wise to aim marketing firmly at your target audience. Advertising your services where you know your prospects hang out is much cleverer than spreading yourself thinly all over the place. It gets better results. It saves time. And it avoids wasted effort.

There’s a growing raft of niche business directories online. Which makes sense from a search engine and user perspective. It means people can rummage happily around a directory bursting with exactly the kind of stuff they’re looking for. And because search engines recognise niche directories as both authoritative and relevant, there’s an SEO benefit to being part of a targeted directory too.

Search for niche directories that are directly relevant to your site’s key words and key phrases, use those key words and phrases in your submissions and you’ll be on target.

Update 2015 – online directories are still a good way to get yourself seen, but you need to be very careful about the quality. The better targeted they are, the more marketing sense they make.