Use 'clean thinking' to get better search positions

According to New Scientist magazine, it has taken climate modellers a quarter of a century to create a computer model that simulates the hot climates of earth’s pre-history with any level of accuracy.

How come it took so long?

The climate models they built were fine per se. But they were based on a false assumption: that there was the same amount of aerosol pollution millions of years ago as there is now.

In retrospect it’s a silly mistake, proving just how valuable ‘clean thinking’ can be.

If you’ve been banging your head against a brick wall because your site is stuck on page two of Google and you can’t get it to move up any further, look back and double check the blindingly obvious before taking drastic action.

9 ways to use clean thinking to your marketing advantage

  1. check you’ve addressed the dreaded canonical issue. It’s high time search engines sorted it out once and for all. But they haven’t, so it’s still down to us to make things crystal clear
  2. get someone who knows their stuff to check your .htaccess and robots .txt files to make sure you haven’t inadvertently ballsed them up. They’re far from straightforward unless you know your way around ’em
  3. check your code is clean and neat using a free code beautifying tool like html-Tidy
  4. check your site is accessible according to standards
  5. make sure you’ve made it clear what each page is about, using key words and phrases intelligently within your content and meta tags.
  6. remove poorly-crafted, duplicated or spun content and replace it with useful, relevant stuff that people will enjoy reading
  7. fix broken back links
  8. add a site map if you haven’t got one. Add  a fresh one if yours is out of date
  9. make your pages / images smaller so they load as fast as possible