Two examples of good link bait…

Being contentious. Being hilarious. Sailing close to the wind. Making unexpected connections. Surprising people. Stimulating heated debate. Revealing fresh ideas and shooting old assumptions down in flames. That’s the kind of thing link bait is all about. 

Here’s a couple of good examples of blog posts that caused a stir and, I imagine, won a few juicy back links too.

Link bait examples

First, 10 business lessons to learn from serial killers, a blog post that went a bit viral this week and is still being re-Tweeted. Why? The title grabs attention and the very idea of learning business lessons from serial killers is enough to make you read on. Here it is. Well worth a link, don’t you think?!

Second, a respected SEO blogger puts forward an extremely contentious point. The best thing about this one – apart from the intelligent argument – is that he gets crosser as the post goes on, culminating in an almighty rant! The response from one fellow SEO is equally intelligent and well thought through.

Here’s the original : White hat SEO is a joke.

Followed by the riposte, the importance of great content.

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