Track your SEO performance and react to trends

If you don’t know what’s going on in your business, it’s impossible to react intelligently. Knowledge is power. Which is why keeping a simple spreadsheet, list, graph or chart of your SEO performance is really important.

 Is your SEO working?

Yes, regular SEO activity can keep you on page 1 of Google. But you can just as easily drop to page two if you don’t keep an eye on things.

Google releases new and updated search algorithms regularly, usually with little or no warning. So your site positions can drop instantly and unexpectedly. Or soar just as quickly.

Your business’s SEO destiny depends on competitors’ activity just as much as your own. You don’t do SEO in a vacuum. You’re constantly jostling with everyone else in your sector for the top positions.

When you keep a handle on SEO trends you can react fast and fix things if your positions suddenly drop off the scale. Or take early action against a slow and steady fall.