Silly content

If you thought rubbish content didn’t really matter, here’s an example of a very silly website.

Don’t spin!

One of those blogs that aggregates and re-hashes information from elsewhere, it looks like they’re using spinning software to avoid duplicate content. Which usually involves ‘uniqueifying’  the information by replacing words with close alternatives and rearranging the paragraph order.

As it happens I read the original article, which made complete sense. But spinning software has transformed it into the finest gobbledegook. See if you can make head or tail of this:

“This mainstay is a many critical to scrupulously specify your items. A businessman offered paperweights with a MerchantCategory set to “Office Products” will be categorized distant reduction effectively than a businessman with a categorization Office Products > Desk Organization > Paperweights. The some-more specific we can get with your categorization a some-more in effect Bing Shopping will be to aim shoppers which have been seeking for your products. Take value of holidays, special occasions as well as shopper queries.”
I won’t give you a link because the last thing I want to do is help the site’s creators in their mission to fill the internet with meaningless blah.