Top ten homophones – Steer clear of silly mistakes!

The English language is full of homophones, words that sound the same but mean different things.

10 homophones to avoid

When you get it wrong you can end up in a right pickle.Here are my top ten homophones, to help you avoid silly mistakes.

  1. Affect – your wild facial hair affects the way people feel about you. Effect – your hairstyle is having a disturbing effect on my libido
  2. Complement – your knowledge complements mine perfectly because we know about different things. Compliment – I’d like to give you a compliment; you look gorgeous
  3. Stationary – I am definitely not speeding. My car isn’t moving, it’s completely stationary. Stationery – I need more office stationery. I must stock up on Post-It notes before the world ends
  4. Discreet – I’d like you to be discreet about my love affair. Discrete – I’m separating my life into two discrete parts that’ll never, ever clash
  5. Duel – I’ll challenge you to a duel and we’ll fight to the death. Dual – thank goodness my driving instructor’s car has dual steering
  6. Principal – The school Principal bit me. Principle – I will never forgive her, it’s the principle of the thing
  7. Your Your nose is redder than mine. You’reYou’re the proud owner of a big, fat, red nose
  8. Too – shut up, your tantrums are too much for me. To – take me to your local police station, I need locking up for my own safety
  9. There – Look, there’s your mum and dad riding naked on a horse. Their – I know, their behaviour is absolutely dreadful
  10. Bare – my backside is bare. Bear – I can’t bear the colour blue… it’s nasty. Bear – Watch out, there’s a bea…!

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