Top earworm material – but poor SEO?

I heard a bloke in the supermarket queue humming the tune from‘s brilliant direct response TV advert yesterday. If I’d created it I’d be chuffed to bits. Why? because it’s obviously powerful enough to become an ‘earworm’.

What’s an earworm?

It’s when you get a persistent, looping tune in your head that you can’t shift. You wake up singing it. It’s on your mind when you fall asleep. Blasted things. A recent Seasick Steve earworm almost drove me to tears.

Not only is WeBuyAnyCar‘s advert a creative masterpiece – boy, has that guy got some moves. It’s also a work of direct marketing genius. It drums the company name and site address into your head with the force and subtlety of a lump hammer. To the tune of relentless hard house. What a little beauty.

Will I forget the brand? No. Do I love the brand? Yes. What’s in my head right now? If I could drive I’d sell them my car on the spot, just to shut ’em up. The problem is, I can’t find a copy of the ad on site. Their latest advert’s up and running but not the one I’m talking about.

Hm. That’s a significant missed SEO opportunity because it means people like me can’t link to it. And links are desirable little beasts. Love it or hate it, the ad has generated loads of comment online. So it probably would’ve generated plentiful, potentially valuable backlinks too.