Top 40 B2B marketing touch points

Stick your head above the Social Media Marketing parapet and you realise social media is just one way to connect with customers and prospects.  

Here are my top 40 marketing touch points…

… in no particular order:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. email marketing
  3. autoresponders
  4. newsletters
  5. online and print ads
  6. teasers
  7. postcards
  8. posters
  9. special offers and discount code campaigns
  10. competitions and quizzes
  11. inbound link building
  12. sales focused content
  13. link bait
  14. AdWords (PayPerClick)
  15. direct mail
  16. direct response radio
  17. press releases, online and offline
  18. advertorial, editorial and articles in online and print newspapers and magazines
  19. free downloads like ebooks and eguides
  20. trade publications, online and print
  21. blogging
  22. cross selling
  23. up-selling
  24. SMS marketing
  25. smartphone apps
  26. a mobile-friendly website
  27. printed and online brochures
  28. catalogues
  29. flyers and leaflets
  30. word of mouth, by identifying and nurturing advocates
  31. surveys
  32. white papers
  33. forums
  34. online communities
  35. joining forces with like minded relevant companies for tactical marketing collaboration
  36. building brand equity by getting involved and doing good within your community, your industry or charity
  37. networking in person, face to face
  38. sharing the results of research
  39. monitoring and sharing breaking trends
  40. via direct response TV ads, often remarkably cheap