Top 4 ways to increase online sales conversion

You’ve got your online lead generation campaigns lined up and you’re firing them off  like  a person possessed. You’re enjoying a huge hike in site visitors… excellent. But very few of them are converting to sales. Your visitors aren’t buying. Why?

Why aren’t people converting?

Here are 4 ways to maximise conversion and get a bigger bang for your marketing buck.

  1. do people find what they expect when they click through to your site or has your lead generation campaign misled them? The disappointment factor can be destructive, so avoid making offers that only a few visitors actually qualify for, or quoting minimum prices when most people will have to pay more. Any short term gain in terms of lead generation will disappear if people don’t convert, and you’ll leave a dangerously bad taste in their mouths
  2. how does your pricing stack up? No matter how cool your OLG campaign is, if people can get what you’re selling much cheaper elsewhere they’ll do it
  3. what’s your landing page like? Is it user friendly? Does it look nice and clear or is it difficult to find what you want, full of dense text and Camel Case? Are you just repeating your OLG offer verbatim or have you taken the time to reinforce your sales message? Is is feature led or have you done the good deed and stressed the benefits? Is it a nightmare of jargon or a masterpiece in plain English? Do your images sell your stuff to its best advantage or quite the opposite?
  4. and what about the sales process? Do visitors have to fill in a form the size of Wales, getting bored half way through, or is it short and sweet? Have you tapped into Royal Mail’s address finder software so people don’t have to fill in their full address? Have you provided enough payment options? Do they have to wait weeks for delivery or are you on the button?