9 tips for a high-performing contact page

The humble contact page is sorely neglected most of the time. But it’s an important destination for visitors and worth doing well. 

It makes marketing sense: whatever someone wants from your contact page, they’re interested in one way or another. You might as well use the opportunity to chivvy them along the sales funnel a little or, if they’re at the right stage, nudge them over the edge into buying mode.

Here’s how to do a great job of your contact page

  1. Add a short introduction – set the stage with a friendly, relevant message, for example explaining what will happen when they get in touch: how long you take to reply to messages and so on
  2. Include all contact details including street address and landline phone number if you have one – it helps generate trust
  3. Include social media links – make it easy for people to hook up with you and nurture your relationship through social interaction
  4. Add a call to action – every good web page deserves one, including your contact page
  5. Make the page look as good as the rest of your site, including images if it’s appropriate
  6. If you have real-life premises for people to visit in person, add a map so they can see where you are without having to click away
  7. Create a contact form as well as giving people your email address, giving them the full choice of response methods
  8. If you like dealing with business over the phone, consider creating a call-back form with a choice of times and dates so people can pick a convenient time for you to do the running
  9. Give people an actual name to contact, making things personal instead of just providing an anonymous email address

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