The world's worst marketing survey?

EON’s direct marketing stuff is usually spot on. Beautifully written in plain language with an informal tone and an engaging personality. But they sent me the e-survey from hell the other day.

Horrid marketing survey – Why was it so bad?

  • it was miles too long. I bet nobody finished it
  • it depended on reading and digesting three complicated scenarios, each time answering so many questions that by the fourth or fifth you’d forgotten the details
  • the questions were oddly similar and repetitive. So I soon got bored
  • they were also difficult to understand, written in strangely stiff and airless language

Oh, fistfuls of customer dissatisfaction. It’s annoying when you’re looking forward to airing your opinions on an important subject – green energy initiatives – only to be frustrated. For surveys and questionnaires, as for marketing as a whole, short, sharp and pithy is the way to go. Not sluggish, fat and cumbersome.