The twitter experiment – Positive human connections

It’s the end of my eighth week on Twitter and I’m starting to understand how linking with strangers and following their Tweets encourages goodwill and generates trust.

The effect is even stronger when someone re-tweets my stuff or sends a direct message; that nice, warm glow of goodwill you get when human beings connect positively.

Warm fuzzy Twitter feelings

I feel friendly towards Tweeters who make funny, entertaining, interesting comments. I’ve answered questions Tweeted by several of them and enjoyed more warm glows when they say ‘thank you’. I like their style. And if I ever need the services they’re offering I’ll be happy to put them on my short list.

People who Tweet for marketing purposes are by nature putting on a persona to meet the marketing needs of their business. Myself included. I’m not really being me. My Tweets are calculated to showcase a love of words, copywriting skills, direct marketing expertise and engaging personality (hah!). So in a sense it’s artificial. But I can feel it working all the same. And while I have my eccentricities, I’m ordinary enough to realise I’m probably not the only one enjoying warm glows.

All of which is good news for my Twitter experiment. Can I can turn it into a money-making machine for my freelance copywriting services? Warm glows or not, that’s my aim. We’ll see…