The stellar rise of blogging

As a freelance copywriter, now and again I spot patterns in the market. The latest? It looks like blogging is taking off… with a vengeance.

Why? There are probably several good reasons. Here’s my top six, just the tip of the iceberg.

Why is business blogging so popular?

  • Google likes lively sites and a blog is a relatively simple way to update your website regularly
  • focusing on key words and phrases in your blog helps ensure Google and co rank and rate your website accurately
  • people like blogs too. A blog is a great way to drive traffic to your site. In other words, blogs work well for lead generation
  • blog with authority and you’ll win the trust of new prospects as well as reinforcing your brand to existing customers – which boosts sales conversion
  • a great blog can differentiate you from your competitors in a crowded sector
  • a freelance blogger is excellent value for money!

No time to blog? Hire a freelance copywriter to develop your blog for you. I write regular posts for several  clients who trust me enough to give me direct access to the innards of their blog without a qualm.