The perfect freelance copywriting customer

What makes the perfect freelance copywriting customer?

When I’m writing copy for someone, in a sense we’re both customers. Collaborating and exchanging information makes it a two way street. This is what my perfect freelance copywriting customer looks like:

  • they give me a clear brief – as long as it’s clear, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a one liner or a full briefing document
  • they come back with polite, constructive comments and feedback, in good time, so we meet deadlines without having to rush the job
  • they pay my invoice within 30 days

When I started this post I thought I’d have loads to write about. But it’s turned out to be a real shortie. Which just goes to show how little it takes  to make the whole freelance copywriting process a pleasure from this end. Life’s pretty good when you’re easily pleased!