The ins and outs of straplines

What is a strapline?

It’s a short statement that clarifies exactly what your business does, so people get the picture ‘at a glance’.

Where does a strapline go?

A strapline usually sits directly below a logo or company name.

Do I need a strapline?

It depends. If your business name / url already makes it crystal clear what you do, there’s no need. If it isn’t immediately clear, a strapline might be a good idea.

What should my strapline say?

Your strapline should make it obvious what your business does in as few words as possible, as engagingly and clearly as possible.

Examples of bad straplines

There’s no point creating something pretentious, airy fairy or overly ‘clever’. This is no time for bullshit. Believe in Better from Sky, For the Journey from Lloyds TSB and Today, Tomorrow, Toyota are embarrassingly fatuous displays of corporate nonsense.

My favourite strapline is a mini-masterpiece created by fellow freelance copywriter Alastair Allday for You’re broke. We’ll fix it. Which does exactly what it says on the tin as well as being witty, straightforward and as clear as a bell. Lovely.