The big picture is beautiful – but don’t miss the minutae

Planning your marketing strategy and working out tactics is an exciting creative process. So exciting that it’s easy to miss the little gems sitting quietly under your nose.

Maximise your marketing potential

Does your organisation maximise the potential of every customer contact? Every communication, no matter how low-key, represents a marketing opportunity. Following on from my last post, here’s a short list of mini marketing opportunities. And a few ideas about how to make the most of them:

  • Purchase and payment confirmations, delivery notes: include special offers, money off coupons, details of similar products in stock, ‘people who bought this also bought X’, product / service recommendations
  • Statements, invoices and reminders: include information about the choice of payment methods, reductions for payments made in full, or the benefits of having an account, new product development, a competition, a feedback request, a free offer…
  • Customer service materials, letters, reminders, updates and upgrades: cross-sell or up-sell products / services. Include a short sales message, a compelling survey or pertinent research findings
  • Agreements, contracts, tenders, briefings, specification documents: list extra services they might find useful. Add your credentials, feature a relevant success story, case study or customer testimonial. Announce new industry partnerships, agency agreements, contracts won…

If you make the most of all your communications, treating each as a marketing opportunity, you can attract new customers, keep those you have for longer, encourage them to buy more stuff, more often and inspire them to recommend you to other people.