Tell website visitors what you do up front…

…Or they’ll get bored and go away!

Online, everyone’s short of time. They expect to find key information instantly. Copywriting for online projects is about getting your message across clearly, quickly, simply and elegantly. It isn’t about being mysterious or enigmatic.

Make it clear what you do in the main header of your website’s index page. Then repeat yourself in the first sentence to make sure your message is driven home.Here’s an example.

Freelance copywriting

I’m Kate Goldstone. I’m a freelance copywriter and editor with twenty years’ experience in direct marketing. My work is commercially powerful as well as entertaining and informative. And I have a keen appreciation of writing for SEO.

There’s a second advantage to structuring your index page copy like this. It means you give search engines lots of relevant keywords and terms to grab hold of early in your page. Which will help them classify and rank your site accurately.