Ted Baker's excellent adventure into autoresponders

The Ted Baker brand is a beauty. Originating in 1980s Glasgow as a respected men’s shirt specialist,  it has morphed into a luxury fashion outlet for men and women with a fine line in superbly elegant, quirky and seriously posh threads.  

So it’s good to know the brand’s communications are as elegant as its products, especially when it comes to everyday, humdrum stuff like responding to customer enquiries. In an area where too many businesses fall flat on their marketing faces, Ted Baker’s the bunny.

Autoresponders excellence from a design legend

Here’s what I received when I fired off a question via their website. It’s bang on-brand, funky, friendly and beautifully written. With the man himself placed firmly at the core of the message, exactly where he belongs.

 Thanks for submitting your enquiry! Ted will be replying asap. 

Your enquiry ID is LTK5830625372X.

If you’d like to talk to Ted’s rather delightful Customer Service Team, simply call 0845 130 4278. You can do this between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday – excluding bank holidays.

Alternatively you can reach them by mail at the address below. This is especially handy when you need to make a return to Ted’s online store. Clothes don’t attach to emails that well.
Ted Baker Customer Services
Unit 2 Caxton Gate
Cannon Street
B2 5EP

The Ted Baker brand doesn’t advertise. They rely on word of mouth, which is  pretty brave (but obviously not foolish) when everyone and his dog are running themselves ragged chasing the SEO / SMM dragon.

I just signed up for their newsletter, and this is the pop-up thank you message I got in return:


Keep your eyes peeled for your first email from Ted. He’s added you to his little black book, so don’t forget to pop him into your address book too.
You never know what’s around the corner with Ted, so we wouldn’t want you to miss out…


Despite their lack of promotion, Ted Baker is one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in Britain. That’s what I call a non-marketing success story.

PS. Their male models all have superbly unruly beards too.