Suffering social media fatigue?

Are you suffering social media fatigue yet?

I am, even though I’ve managed to make Twitter turn a marketing profit.

I like to keep Facebook for keeping in touch with friends and family, not marketing. I have a LinkedIn profile. And yesterday Google Chrome featured a clever blue arrow directing me to Google Plus… which filled me with an uncomfortable mixture of ennui, angst and despair!

How come? It’s quite enough keeping up with Twitter and LinkedIn, never mind adding more fuel to my social media fire. I’m too busy to justify another SMM initiative and it doesn’t deserve such a strong focus. Not when there’s lucrative, seo-led, proven marketing to get on with. Stuff like on-site content, link building and blogging.

Having received an invitation from a friend, I joined Google + anyway for the sake of research. Only to find that doing so changed my Google account interface so profoundly that I couldn’t find my Blogger, AdSense, Webmaster Tools and whatnot.

In a fit of impatience and exasperation I backed off and cancelled the Plus element of my account, which took some research. Google kindly provided a ‘sorry you’re going’ pop up to ask why I was leaving. My answer: It’s nothing personal – I just don’t have the time or inclination to join yet another network, find my way around, invite people, populate my profile and contribute regularly.

The solution? I’m going to chill out and focus on two key networks – LinkedIn and Twitter – and watch Google+ and see how things pan out.

The social media scene is incredibly fluid and things change fast. Once of the secrets of successful SMM is keeping an eye on change. Another is preventing it from taking over your marketing life!