Struggling with the social media marketing nitty gritty

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I want to test whether small businesses convert better than companies in the media sector.

To get more small business followers, I need to follow more of them. So far, so good.

The thing is, adding more people makes my Twitter space noisier. Following fifty extra in my small business target sector, I noticed straight away that it’s much harder to focus. I’m missing interesting Tweets and losing touch with cool people because there’s too much going on.

Real SMM success means a personal approach

I reckon the key so successful social media marketing is taking a personal approach. Putting quality over quantity, rather than gathering masses of followers, helps me interact with people better. Because they don’t get lost in the noise we can get to know each other, build trust and eventually do business.

I don’t want to chuck my media sector contacts. They let me peek into what’s happening in down-town Brighton: rich in new media creativity and a seething hotbed of serious geek talent. So I’ve gone back to square one, un-following most of the small businesses I’ve only just followed. I’m back on the right marketing track, but I’ve trashed my test.

The solution? Slowly and steadily un-follow people who don’t Tweet much/do too much of a hard sell, replacing them with small businesses prospects. In other words, exercise patience!