‘Spinning’ – a risky business

Spinning software ‘spins’ written content

Take a unique article or website description and shove it through a spinning programme. It’ll spew out countless fresh versions of your unique article, replacing words and phrases with synonyms to make every version slightly different.

Why bother? Because spinning is a super-fast way to get your message all over the internet, with minimal effort, while avoiding a poke in the eye from Google and co. for flaunting duplicate content guidelines. So it can be an effective SEO tool.

Spun copy has a serious downside

A lot of spinning software is horribly designed. The gobbledegook it churns out might be funny but it doesn’t do much for a business’s credibility. Last night, approving links in our PR5 deep links directory, I ran across two beauties:

“We offer memorable holidays for the disconcerting traveller”  and “This site provides in depth knowledge regarding physical and mental fitness for sarcastic people”

Yup, funny! But risky. Badly spun content:

  • damages business credibility
  • confuses and alienates searchers and visitors
  • gets a website rejected by human-edited business directories
  • risks the wrath of search engines
  • clogs the internet with rubbish. Search engines like to put people first – bad spinning doesn’t

Update for 2015 – You have to go some these days to get away with spun copy. Search engines hate it, people hate it too. You may as well write something worth having in the first place.