Social media takes off big time…

… so should you dive right in?

There are some absolutely mind blowing social media stats out there. For connecting with friends, family, colleagues and your industry or sector, social media are nothing short of amazing. But can the latest stats be translated into workable marketing wisdom?

  • there are currently about 1.3 million tweets an hour. That works out at 10 billion or so a year
  • 70% of bloggers write about brands on their own volition. 38% regularly blog about products or services
  • 15 billion bits of content are shared on Facebook every week including press releases, images, articles and blog posts. And purpose-built Facebook pages have gained a total of 5.3 billion fans so far

You’d be forgiven for diving in without a second thought. The numbers are vast. They’d make any marketer’s mouth water.  But there’s not enough meat on them. They’re all mouth and no trousers. You can’t base a social media marketing strategy on them. They can’t help you decide which media to use, or tell you how to make the best of them. They don’t give creative direction. And they can’t forecast ROI.

It looks like social media marketing might – at last – be making a profit. For some businesses. If you want to get involved on a DIY basis, there’s no escaping it… you’ll have to do your research. Alternatively find a freelance Social Media Marketing expert or, if your business can afford it, get a specialist Agency on the job.

Exciting times. It’s wild out there. And it’s getting wilder.