SMM? Protect yourself if things go dog-shaped

Social media marketing is massive. And there’s no longer any doubt that, done well, it can deliver nice, big profits. Which is what marketing is all about.

But all the same, if your marketing or promotions agency is clamouring for a bigger social media marketing budget right now, watch yourself. If they’re draining resources, chasing the social media marketing dragon at the expense of other media, take a step back. Why? Because there’s rumblings afoot.

Social media problems on the horizon?

  • Facebook is losing members in various countries – some industry insiders feel it has already peaked
  • the marketing industry is slamming junior, inexperienced and non-marketers for making a right pig’s ear of SMM campaigns, with spectacularly poor quality work. Which consumers will have noticed, consciously or otherwise. We’re a sophisticated bunch these days
  • some suspect that social network members are beginning to kick against over-marketing in communities built for socialising, not selling

Three things. One, clever marketers always put the consumer first. If you wouldn’t like to receive something yourself, don’t send it to anyone else. Two, marketers who are too easily distracted by shiny, new media at the expense of the proven stuff are downright dangerous. Three, if you’re going to engage in SMM, do it beautifully and stand out from the herd.

As a general rule variety is the spice of marketing. Spread yourself thinner, use multiple media and you’ll be better protected if things go dog-shaped.