Six tips for website copy consistency

In the battle to stay ahead of the competition, the smallest things can pull your website ahead in the hearts and minds of visitors.

The benefits of a consistent content layout

Consistency of layout is a great way to stand out. Here are six things to check to make sure your website content is visually and functionally consistent:

  1. Is the copy laid out the same way on every page?
  2. Is the menu always in the same place?
  3. Are your headers and body copy always spaced the same way, ie a space between subheads and paragraphs? Or no
  4. Are you using consistent font styles and sizes across the site?
  5. Are you using capitals and lower case consistently in headers and subheads?
  6. Do you have a consistently-placed call to action on every page, each tailored to reflect the individual page’s content?

All this stuff helps visitors scan and read your content more easily, even though they probably won’t be consciously aware of it.