Simple quotes convert prospects into buyers

Keep quotes simple and more prospects will convert to customers

If you’re quoting for a contract, job or project, make the total costs clear up front. If your quote has to be detailed and complicated, include a front sheet giving a simple, elegant summary. Good presentation boosts conversion even further.

Here’s a case in point. I recently won a copywriting and editing project against a strong local competitor. I won because my quote was:

  • presented professionally in .pdf format, designed to my brand
  • simple and clear
  • short and succinct
  • made it clear that there were no hidden extras

My competitor, in contrast, submitted a wordy, sales-focused, eight page email quote. Copywriting costs were presented as being ‘between £xxx and £xxx per page’ and the difference between the potential per-page costs was alarming at almost £90. This person could well be a brilliant copywriter. But it wasn’t immediately obvious; the quote’s layout and style didn’t reflect their skills.

It’s a trust thing. And a credibility thing. Every time you contact a prospect or customer, for whatever reason, you’re making a direct impact on how they feel about you. So even the dull stuff like quotes and estimates, agreements and contracts, delivery notes, invoices and emailed purchase confirmations represent tiny marketing opportunities.

Send out charming sales confirmations. Invoice politely. Make sure your estimates work in sympathy with your brand and use the same friendly tone of voice whatever you’re saying. And you’ll gain a respectable business advantage over competitors who take less care.