Silly Perfume Ads and Goodbye to Brighton

As the festive season approaches, this year’s batch of super-expensive, super-pretentious perfume ads has hit our TV screens. At the same time I’m neck deep in project managing a house move…    

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s festive perfume ad nails it

The finest telly advert silliness is usually delivered by car manufacturers, the producers of nutty, ego-fuelled ads that don’t bear the slightest resemblance to the real-world driving experience. But it’s the festive season, and right now the telly is brim-full of horribly silly perfume adverts starring improbably gorgeous, pouting twelve year olds doing incomprehensible things in a series of unfeasibly ‘sophisticated’ settings.
One perfume ad stands out this year, the Jean-Paul Gaultier advert, which leaves the rest standing. How come? Refreshingly – and uniquely – it takes the mickey out of itself. It’s wonderfully silly and irreverent in a world where perfume ads are usually embarrassingly pretentious, the emperor’s new clothes on speed, with a chronic sense of humour failure.
Thank you Jean-Paul. You’ve nailed it. What a laugh. Here it is.

Goodbye to Brighton – Hello to Devon

As this year’s seasonal madness beds in, it’s all change from me. We’re moving to rural North Devon shortly, a thrilling shock to the system since I’ve lived in Brighton since my old art college days, the early 1980s. It has been  along, intense love affair and it’s time for a change of scene. But a change of scene is all it is. I’ll still be writing online content for a blend of creative agency and business clients.

Seasonal good wishes to all my lovely clients

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, here’s wishing you a lovely winter break and a great new year. If you’re looking for content for your website or blog once all the holiday madness is over, I’m your woman.

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