Should I add video to my website?

Video is huge. Everyone’s doing it.

Should you create on-site videos for your business?

It’s usually a good idea to apply common sense to marketing dilemmas. Video is no exception. Ask yourself if video will enhance the visitor experience by providing extra, interesting, relevant, useful information. If so, go for it. If not, leave it.

My husband, an SEO Consultant, makes and plays cigar box guitars in his spare time. In his case videos are invaluable to visitors, showcasing live performances as well as practical ‘how to’ video guides to things like fretting, stringing, amplifying and tuning.

But I’m a freelance writer and while I could film myself at my desk, typing away like a woman possessed with Dave the kitten by my side,  it wouldn’t add any value to the visitor experience, support my sales proposition or give customers vital extra  information. It’d just be weird.