Shelve your 'passion' and find an alternative

cartoon of a girl carrying  a love heartImagine the impact the first time someone used ‘passionate’ in a business context. Bam, right between the eyes… this organisation is so dedicated it’s actually passionate about everything it does. Wow. Impressive stuff.

A decade down the line passion is over-egged and exhausted, the everyday magnolia way to communicate dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism and the determination to deliver the very best every time. Everyone is passionate about everything and it’s become more or less meaningless. There has to be a better way.

Alternatives to ‘passion’

Here are a few off-the-top-of-my-head ideas for ways to express commercial passion without resorting to the word itself. You could tell people that:

  • because you pay such a lot of attention to the fine detail, their experience is second to none
  • you love what you do… and so do your customers
  • you started the company because you’re truly, madly, deeply fascinated by the sector / products / services / culture (or whatever) and always have been. Which means buyers get the very best every time, all the time
  • working for competing companies made you realise things could be done so much better… which is exactly what you do, to customers’ benefit
  • running your business is a dream come true and your sheer enthusiasm means customers always get the best possible deal
  • you get a huge kick out of delivering the perfect buyer experience, making it a pleasure from start to finish
  • because you eat, sleep and dream your business 24/7  your customers’ costs are cut to the bone
  • that you’ve been doing it for decades, longer than anyone else. Because you know your market inside out and back to front, your customers don’t need to
  • you treat your customers the same way you like to be treated yourself, with respect, consideration, enthusiasm and courtesy… and as a result everything works like clockwork

How would you express your passion for what you do in a creative, hard-hitting way?

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