Selling Conveyancing Services – First, Add Empathy

We’re mid-way through selling our house and buying another. It’s a nightmare, mostly because it’s such a complicated, multi-faceted task. Our chain consists of us, our buyers, their buyers and the people we’re buying from, plus three sets of estate agents, two mortgage companies and four different solicitors, all of whom are trying to keep things moving.
It got me thinking about how I’d go about selling conveyancing services. After all, buying a home is about as far from a straightforward commercial transaction as it gets. Yes, there’s acres of paperwork to complete and even more paperwork to provide, plus endless questions to answer. But there’s also a profound emotional component to home-buying, and that’s what causes the misery: at least three months spent in limbo, in a state of chronic uncertainty, knowing the whole deal could easily fall apart at any stage, without any warning.

Selling conveyancing services – There must be a better way

People don’t buy goods or services based on logic. Our buying decisions are driven by emotions. Experience, price and service seem to be the selling points solicitors and conveyancers hang their sales message on, and they’re missing a fundamental marketing trick. They don’t bring emotions into the marketing equation, and that’s the most important element of all.
Solicitors need to be experienced, provide good value for money and deliver great service. But they also need to be sensitive to their customers’ feelings, aware of the stress the property buying process inevitably generates, and able to empathise. And that’s what I’d hang my copywriting hat on to differentiate my fictional conveyancing client from the herd.
If I was selling conveyancing services, in a nutshell I’d probably sell them like this:
“You don’t just need someone who understands the legal and contractual nuts and bolts of conveyancing. You need someone who also understands how it feels. We care. We know exactly how stressful, exasperating and long the home-buying process is, and the strain it puts you under. Because we blend experience, great service and value for money with patience, kindness and empathy, we help keep the worst of the stress at bay.”  

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