See LinkedIn Posts for Email Subject Line Inspiration

You know those LinkedIn posts that start with such a strong proposition that you can’t help but click to read more? It’s a phenomenon some people complain bitterly about, but they’re missing the point. This is direct response work at its finest, and we can all learn from it. 

How clever LinkedIn posts teach direct marketing lessons

You read a few words. They’re leading to something fascinating, you can sense it. The proposition has well and truly grabbed you, and you absolutely have to click ‘see more’.
LinkedIn posts like this are actually totally brilliant pieces of mini-direct marketing, clever direct response tricks designed to ‘convert’ people by making it almost impossible to resist clicking through.
If you can create the same sense of anticipation in your marketing materials, you’re onto a winner. Take email marketing, where the initial challenge you face – a particularly sticky one – is getting people to open the damn  thing in the first place. It can be done by using the self-same DM-led skills to craft a subject line that people won’t be able to leave alone. They’ll have to open your message, and that’s half the battle… if not more than half.

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